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About Slipstream Granola
Slipstream Organics was born out of a collaboration between Heidi Weiser, a pastry chef from Boulder, Colorado and Michael Winnike of Slipstream Cycling, a bike shop located in Fort Madison, Iowa. While on a visit to Boulder in the spring of 2012, Michael was fortunate to try this special granola and was overwhelmed by it's taste and texture. Heidi and Michael met and decided to start selling Heidi's granola at the bike shop. It became so popular the two decided to bring this wonderful granola to a broader market and formed Slipstream Organics in the Spring of 2013. Slipstream Organic Granola comes from years of refinement. As the granola evolved so did the amounts of nuts and seeds but it was the honey that became the key! Just enough sweetness to satisfy and give energy, it makes a great start to your day...mid day break or an evening treat on your favorite ice cream. Our goal is to provide you and your family with healthy and delicious food choices. We use only the finest organic, non gmo ingredients. Made in small batches to insure you get the best granola ever!